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From easy hiking trail to 2 – 3 days hiking trail, There are a lot of trails around this lodge.

We drop you off to the starting point of trails and pick you up to the lodge.

Please ask me if you want to know which trail is best for you.



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If you have camping tool, it’s also amazing to try camping in Yuzawa! Stay one day at this place, go hiking from early morning, and enjoy japanese food and camping!

It would be nice to prepare Onigiri and some japanese things in convenience store for lunch and dinner on the mountain.

If you are lucky, you would watch a full of star, sea of clouds, and sunrise on the top of mountain.


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Even if you don’t go hiking or camping, you can enjoy great landscape by walk.

It’s just 3 minutes walk from this lodge and you can see great view like these pictures.

I always walk around this place and meditate myself to be peaceful.

The power of nature is amazing!



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Some Pictures…

Ryo Morishita

Takumi Kenmotsu