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There are Japanese style rooms with Kotatsu and TV. Kotatsu is a Japanese traditional heating system which is combined with table and heater. Enjoy sitting around kotatsu and having conversation with your friends, family, and significant other.

Also Enjoy futon when you sleep. Futon is a mattress stuffed with cotton wool and  is set on Tatami mat. Feeling of futon and smells of tatami make you confortable and good sleep.



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There is the lounge right next to the entrance. Tea and Coffee, Board game, Manga, and Wi-fi is available for free. The fireplace makes you cozy.

Try to read Manga in Japanese, Play Japanese boardgames such as Igo and Shogi, and enjoy cozy time with Japanese culture in this lounge.



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Bathroom is researvable. Let us know when you need amenities such as Bathtowel, facetowel, and Toothbrush.



Feel free to use the drying room after you come back from skiing. the room of right side of the picture is the multi-purpose room. You can use this room for drinking, meeting, and etc.




Skiing, snowboarding, and snow wear rental is available. Let us know when you need rental services.

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